The Health Benefits of Yoga - How Yoga Helps You Stay Healthy?

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise to build strength and to create a balance between your mind and body. It incorporates breathing, meditation, and various yoga postures that reduces stress and anxiety and has great physical benefits. Practicing yoga in your daily life has an immense benefit to your health. It helps in relieving your stress, strengthen your spine, increase your flexibility, and many more.
Here are some profound health benefits of yoga:

It increases flexibility:

It is one of the foremost benefits of doing yoga. When you have first try to do a backbend, you wouldn't be able to do that. Gradually you will notice that with the regular practice you will able to do those poses you have thought you could never do. Slowly your will tight muscles will start to loosen, increase your flexibility, and make you more agile.

Provides great relief from anxiety:
We all undergo a lot of stress daily. If it becomes persistent and started to hamper your daily life, then it becomes a disorder- a state of uneasiness and severe anxietyYoga slows the loop of the anger, frustration, fear, and every other cause that leads to stress and anxiety. Regular yoga practice helps you quietening your racing mind, stay calm, and ease your brain so that you can stay relaxed and focused. Persistent stress and anxiety lead to many health ailments.

It lowers your blood pressure and takes care of your heart:
High blood pressure is one of the leading cause of heart attack. In yoga, every pose is performed in the sync with your breathing that increases your lungs capacity. Furthermore, meditation and other yoga asanas like camel pose and Natarajasana open your chest and alleviated any cause of chest pain. Yoga improves blood circulation and lowers your heart rate, which in turns lead to better heart care. The restorative yoga poses like savasana lower your blood pressure, soothes your nerves, and help you in lowering your blood pressure.

It Boosts your confidence:
Apart from your spiritual values, yoga and meditation boost your confidence. Yoga teaches us that everything we want to achieve in our life comes from our inside; we have to tend it. The practices of meditation release every tension from our body and calm our mind. It makes us aware of our strength and let go of any weakness hence boost our confidence about our body. Meditation helps us to connect to our inner peace and let go of any anxiety, which affects our peace of mind. Yoga taught us to accept every flaw and let it go. When we are at peace and confident about our self, it also reflects in our personality, our behavior, and how we perceive others. Hence improves our relationship with others too.

It helps in maintaining weight:
Studies have shown that yoga indeed can help in weight loss and maintaining it. One of the primary cause of being overweight is overeating, other than stress and hormonal imbalances. Yoga sequences like Surya Namaskar when done at a moderate pace with more repetition act as a great cardio workout and make you lose weight. Regular practice makes you move and burn calories, reduces stress, and balance your hormones. Yoga increases awareness and self-discipline, which in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle. We tend to eat mindfully that reduces stress eating or binge eating and more active lifestyle. Yoga brings a deep sense of relaxation to your body and mind, helping you to lower stress level and allow you to lose weight mindfully.

It improves our posture:
Sedentary lifestyle, sitting all day long in front of your computer not just take a toll on your eyes but also on the shoulder, back and abdominals, etc. It can lead to severe backache, neck pain, obesity, and stiffness in your neck and shoulder muscles. It can lead to a change in curvature of the spine that leads to bad postures. Practicing yoga asana stretches your back, shoulder and neck muscles and tone them. You will soon notice that your position improves a lot. Your back and legs muscles will be able to support your weight fully; you will be able to stand tall without any backache and other injuries.

Improves muscle strength:
Yoga stretches your muscles and lengthens your muscles, which have a profound effect on your strength. Yoga poses like downward dog and plank position focus on your core and strengthens it. If you go to the gym and lift a weight, you will gain strength but at the cost of your flexibility. If you incorporate yoga in your daily life, you build strength but with a lot more flexibility and without putting too much stress on a particular muscle group. It protects us from the condition of severe backache and back pain.

Yoga prevents your joints:
Yoga is a popular exercise to relive you from joints disorders. When you do yoga, you use your joints in the full range of motion, which prevents further damages of joints. There are many yoga postures which remove the blockages, strengthen or stretch your joints, which relieves you from joint pain. Yoga poses as triangle poses help you in relieving joint pain.

At last, yoga makes you happy:
Regular yoga practice and meditation relieves you from stress and makes you happy. Regular yoga practice increases the secretion of serotonin, a happy hormone which elevates your mood and reduces the level of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Even breathing exercises like pranayama increase the oxygen level in the brain, leave you happy and content.

Yoga has many physical and mental benefits, and incorporating it in your daily routine, enhance your overall health and vitality. Start with slow but find the time to incorporate yoga in your life for your holistic wellbeing.

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