How Can You Make Millions by Work at Home Mom?

Work at home mom makes millions in her bunny slippers! You've probably seen this headline- or ones like it- hundreds of times online, with people promising you the ability to earn money just by breathing. But the reality is that most of these types of offers will not get you rich, but will have you spending money and spinning your wheels. Let's examine a couple of them.
Envelope Stuffing
Work at home mom makes lots of cash stuffing envelopes! Sounds too easy? It is. Word to the wise: if it sounds too good to be true online, it probably is. Here's how this scam works: you purchase a "kit" online for $10-50 that gives you everything you need to get started as a successful envelope stuffer (or craft assembler).
Your kit consists of an instruction sheet that basically says the following: "Thanks for your interest in getting started stuffing envelopes. To make money, simply place ads in newspapers and online, exactly like the one you answered!" It makes you feel kinda dirty, doesn't it?
Money Order Scam
Work at home mom makes quick cash helping others! This is the newest version of the Nigeria scheme. It involves someone offering to purchase an item from you, perhaps something you've listed on Craigslist to earn a little extra money. Let's say you were selling a high-end bicycle for $500. The "buyer" says this is just what they are looking for. But here's the thing. They aren't local. So they ask you if you would be willing to ship the item to you.
Don't worry! They will pay you via a money order, and not only will they pay your $500 asking price, but they will pay you an additional $500 for your trouble, plus all the shipping fees. So they will send you a $2,500 money order. You're supposed to figure out how much to ship it and just include the change (well over $1,000) in the package.
Here's the thing The money order is a very good forgery. Your bank will probably accept it. But when it bounces (and it will) they will take all $2,500 out of YOUR account, plus fees. Now you're out $2,500 cash and your bicycle.
Legitimate Work at Home Mom Makes Money
So if the above types of work at home opportunities are really just thinly veiled scams, is it really possible for a mom to make money at home? The answer is yes. But, like all things in life, it takes time and hard work to make legitimate money. There is no get rich quick, no magic pill, no button to click that will have money popping out of your computer screen an instant later.
For those willing to buckle up and work hard, opportunities abound. Find something you are interested in and go do it!

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