Hair Types
There area unit essentially four sorts of hair: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. whereas knowing your natural
hair kind is extremely vital, I feel it’s even a lot of vital to understand your strand texture and thickness.
Before you start any of those designs it’s crucial you establish whether or not you have got fine hair, coarse hair, or
are somewhere middle. Our goal is to figure with our hair, not against it.
Fine Hair
If you have got fine hair it means that you have got alittle hair shaft. It doesn’t essentially mean your hair is
thin, however typically that's the case. you have got fine hair if your hair doesn’t hold curl, breaks simply, is
prone to flyaways, and frequently hangs flat. whereas having fine hair will typically be laborious to measure with,
you have the foremost area for dramatic transformation!
Fine-Hair Care

Having oily hair isn't uncommon for individuals with fine hair, and you'll realize you wish to scrub
it a lot of oft than your coarse-haired friends. If you'll be able to afford to, though, skip on a daily basis or
two, as a result of like we have a tendency to talked regardinglaundry will cause harm.

Put conditioner on solely the guidelines of your hair. By not acquisition the scalp, you'll be able to facilitate keep
your fine hair from trying limp.

• When wet, fine hair is extremely weak and susceptible to harm. Be additional mild once you commence of the
shower by not smartly towel-drying, brushing, or styling your hair straight off as they might
cause breakage.

• For most carry and volume, use mousse and a spherical brush at the roots once processing hair

• Use a hair-thickening shampoo and conditioner and conjointly a thickening cream, serum, or spray.
You can raise your stylist that product is correct for you or head to your native beauty store for
advice. Or a salon, however ne'er a foodstuff.
Fine-Hair Styling
Get a bedded cut. you would like to avoid your hair trying flat, and by adding during a few tapered layers it’s
going to produce the illusion of fuller hair. The designs during this book can work with bedded hair, but make
sure any items that extend look intentional. to urge the designs trying their best, i like to recommend the

• Spray your hair with dry shampoo before you begin styling. The dry shampoo can add texture
and grip to your hair, creating the pins and braids hold stronger. it'll conjointly add volume while not
matting or advisement down the hair.

• Tease your roots! Doing therefore can add a lot of required volume and texture. lookout and be mild
to avoid breakage.

• Use merchandise that area unit light-weight and don't weigh your hair down like significant pomades and gels.

• If attainable, work with wavy or curled hair. Having that side texture in your hair can add volume
to all your designs. Avoid heat by sleeping in loose braids or mistreatment Velcro rollers.

• Set every hairstyle with Kenra Volume Spray 25—it’s the most effective toilet article out there.
Coarse Hair

If you have got coarse hair, your strands area unit terribly thick. They’re the mega strands! Your hair typically
takes longer to dry than fine hair. It’s possibly dry however it will tolerate heat and resist breakage.
Coarse-Hair Care
• Avoid laundry your hair quite 3 times every week. Let those natural oils very soften up
and humidify the hair.

• Coarse hair will usually look boringhowever adding some shine bodily fluid to your routine ought to punch up
the lustrousness of the hair.

• No light-weight merchandise allowed. you wish to succeed in for heavy merchandise like firm-hold
gels, hair sprays, and pomades.

• It’s an honest plan to relinquish your coarse hair a weekly deep-conditioning treatment. this may guarantee
you keep the waterlessness in check.

• Before obtaining out of the shower, rinse your hair with cool water. this may cause the cuticles to
close, which can confine wetness and color.
Coarse-Hair Styling
• If your hair is curly and unmanageable, invest in associate degree anti-frizz bodily fluidyou'll be able to realize fabulous
serums that shield against heat, add shine, and eliminate kink. By eliminating kink, braids

and twists can look drum sander and a lot of place along.
• If your hair is super thick, you may have to be compelled to tease the roots and set with toilet article. Having coarse

hair doesn’t stop you from having flat hair!

• Extra massive officer pins area unit a requirement. They hold a lot of hair and area unit stronger, which can keep your
braids and updos secure.

• Rather than employing a million pins on one massive section of hair, use fewer pins on smaller

• If your hair is extremely thick, your updos and braids area unit planning to look fuller than mine. Most times
you’ll be grateful for that! If it’s annoying, though, pull your braids and twists additional tight

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