BEST Kids Activities For Halloween Day!!

If you think about arranging kids activities on Halloween day, then you need to scroll further and check out these ideas for making the day memorable and unforgettable.

Trick or Treat game
Even when there's a lot of time to start the party with a bang, prepare yourself with the 'Trick or Treat'. All you need to do is to cut small strips of paper twice than the number of children who have been invited to the party. While you tag half of them with the word 'Treat', write 'Trick' on the remaining ones. You can think about something funny for tricks. It could be running on one foot, holding the tongue or pulling ears. Later, drop them into an attractive and a colorful bag. Request the children to form a circle and ask each one of them to choose a paper. In case they come across the word 'Trick' then they need to perform an action that makes their peers laugh. For those with the word 'Treat', you can gift them with a pencil set, sweet candies or an eye-catching sticker. At the end of the game, ensure that the little ones get a gift so that there's no disappointment.
Mummy Wrap Contest
No matter what might be the footfalls at the party, divide the children into three groups. Select one child to be a 'Mummy' and two kids as the 'Mummy wrappers'. Let the mummy stand in an upright posture and ask the mummy wrappers to wrap the child from clasp to hem at the count of three. You can set a time limit and check which team has given their best. Finally, a team wins only when the mummy is wrapped completely and they look different than a Baby Halloween costume which an infant wears. Make sure you have a camera ready so that you never miss capturing and clicking those moments.
Ghost story

Insist the children sit in a circle and point out someone who would start off with a story that's unusual as well as scary. This game is a great way to make the kids imagine and rack their heads to think something different. Well, you need to be the judge and identify someone who has . After adding more than two sentences, he or she pass it to the next player to continue to post an abrupt end like '....and then....'.
Halloween Surprise Goop-Scoop
Before the commencement of the party, remove the pulp and leave behind the outer shell. Blindfold the kids and ask the children to search for seeds within the mess. Gathering seeds is nothing but a 'goop'. You can give them a time of 1 minute as each of them drops these seeds into small paper cups. The boy or the girl who has collected the maximum number of seeds is the winner. At the end, remember to give an additional prize to the winner. On the other hand, to keep others cheerful, you could commend their sporting spirit through Halloween toys and gifts that fit within your budget.
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