15 Breast Cancer Myths You Should Know

Women's health has become imperative because they are caught in the vicious circle of breast cancer. Moreover, they are also enveloped in unusual myths that are perpetrated by friends, family, and internet which are not necessarily true. So, to unravel the facts, hereby we are busting some of the myths surrounding this cancer.

Lump = Cancer

Finding a lump in the breast is not always cancerous because it could be a cyst, lipoma, or even abscesses. In fact, you should keep a check on other signs like change in breast shape, nipple discharge or changes found in nipple. do you want to know how does a breast cancer lump feel ? leave comment 


There's always been a buzz that aluminum and paraben found in deodorants are a reason for this cancer. However, this is not true as it was busted by a study that brushes off the hypothesis of deodorants causing cancer.


Dieting plays a pivotal role when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, thus boosting overall health. However, there is no evidence that showcases certain foods like dairy, soy, fruit can enhance cancer. So, eat well and stay healthy!

Radiation of Mammogram

A mammogram is the best medium to detect early breast cancer and likewise start the line of treatment. But several people have a misconception that its radiations lead to cancer which is absolutely untrue. Mammogram requires minimal doses of radiation which in no way harms the body.

Only Women Have it

Who says only women suffer from breast cancer? Yes, the male does get inflicted though the ratio is not very high. In India, male breast cancer accounted for 1.03 % of the total cancer cases.

Family History

Some people have a misconception that cancer runs through the family so if my relatives never had it, I won't suffer too! But that's incorrect. Breast cancer can happen to anyone who has unusual cell growth.


Cancer cannot be perpetrated by touching. When the unusual cell growth of mutated cells spread into the tissues within the breast, then it becomes cancerous.


Though miscarriage affects a woman's hormone level it has no relation to breast cancer. Earlier studies did establish a connection but a study conducted in the 1990s in Denmark shows otherwise.

Mobile Phones

Yes, mobile phones do have radiation but by keeping them near your breast; in no way boosts cancer. Radiation through x-rays and radiotherapy can pose a risk but definitely not mobile phones.

Breast Implants

Many women enhance their breast with implants either after mastectomy or for beauty reasons. But many fear, that they'll be infected with cancer. However, that is untrue as a study reflected that the breast implant has no role to play in cancer.

Environmental Changes

There is a thinking that when exposed to harmful chemicals with traffic, pollution, factories, there are chances of getting inflicted by this cancer. But there is no evidence to prove this worth because while working in a factory there is a legal limit for chemical exposure for women and men.

Breast Injuries

Falling on your breast or getting hit is not an advocate of this cancer. Women might get swelling or benign called fat necrosis, but it is not cancer for sure.

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is the budding trend among the youth. So, many believe that the metal affects the wellbeing of your breast, thus causing cancer. However, there is no study that shows that the nipple area is exposed to any infection.


Wired bras are a hit among the young as well as elderlies. But there are concerns that the wire present in the underwired bra cup is capable of restricting the flow of lymph fluid. With this, the toxins start building up furthermore leading to cancer. However, there's no reliable source or study for this. Ill-fitted bras can cause discomfort and pain but not cancer for sure!

Well, above-mentioned are the myths that we think need more attention But if you have some more to share or any ideas to help breast cancer patients then feel free to comment below!

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